Digital platform by startup village to unite entrepreneurs.

As a first step to the preparation of digital platform, Startup village at Kalamassery introduces a mobile application called SV app to unite all entrepreneurs. The aim of the initiative is to connect various business entrepreneurs in different places. SV application is developed by Startup village itself. The application paves opportunity to communicate thoughts and ideas about new startups. Startup village is getting ready to develop using the new technological innovations in IT sector. “It is the first time in India that a business incubator introducing such a facility” said Sanjay Vijaykumar, Chairman, Startup Village. “Through this application any information and messages related to startup village will be available. Now 635 entrepreneurs have been connected through SV mobile application. The network is getting bigger day by day as 15 entrepreneurs join the app community. By April next year the application facility will be completely set”, he added.

Startup village is coming up with job platform which informs investors about job opportunities and possibilities, mentor pool with suggestions and advices of prominent people in each sector for the beginners and crowd funding pool which gives information related to investment possibilities. Within two to three years, the number of student entrepreneurs will be between thousand and two thousand. Startup village has aimed to provide information to entrepreneurs about how to begin a startup and its way of working through online. maxresdefault

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