The organizations that give life to Technopark

There are many facets that stop Technopark from being merely labeled as a casual work place. It is a hub teeming with life and it’s the plethora of activities put together by the lively organisations that truly pump life into this building. It also helps techies to redeem themselves from the dreariness that tend to bog down their enthusiasm. It provides them an ideal platform to showcase the true talent that lay
hidden in them, and also for those who wish to extend their branch of knowledge for some good social causes, the options that it offers are aplenty.

socio cultural organisations

There is simply no question of having to sacrifice the creative talents that exists within you for the sake of your profession, as long as there is Natana, a cultural club of Technopark. For all those techies, who have a special place in their heart for art forms, Natana is truly the place to go. It ensures that the artistic dreams that you nurtured from childhood stays intact and sees to it that it is showcased in best of ways, possible.

Another positive note is the seamless manner in which the hub manages to blend technological innovations and cultural aesthetic courtesy, Prathidhwani the socio-cultural organization of Technopark which was formed with a three dimensional vision to contribute to the cultural, technical and social aspects of our society. By conducting various events of importance, Prathidwani manages to pack in plenty of good intentions with a tremendous ease.

It is wonderful to know the importance that the park gives to preservation of greenery through its organization ‘Prakruthi’. It’s an organization that truly seems to have hit the nail on the head and have managed to put across the idea of preservation of green with minimal amount of fuss. Tejus, meanwhile is an organization that provides nonprofit social service to the society through blood donation by its community members. Its truly a group that accounts great value for human life by placing great emphasis of mutual help and unity.

Vivekananda Study Circle, meanwhile manages to drive home the essence of Swami Vivekanda’s teachings and principles in an extremely efficient manner. It is formed by a voluntary group of professionals working at Technopark.TechFriends is purely a voluntary forum, to assist economically weaker section of the society, including poor persons, orphans, widows, aged persons, patients etc, for their upliftment during their difficult period. Empowering Women in IT (eWIT) ensures that women folk are not left behind, the women forum attempts to drive the growth of women in the IT industry. Amidst all this, GTech ensures that there is a space for all the companies that come under Kerala IT to get together.

The place is also famous for hosting lot of sporting activities that manages to instill a dose of fighting spirit in the minds of techies and manages to keep them refreshed throughout.

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