Technopark Kollam’s Green Building Wins Gold


The prestigious gold certificate was awarded to Technopark Kollam IT building by Indian Green Building Council at Mumbai on 6th October 2016 for achieving required green building standards. The certificate was handed over to Technopark CEO Mr. Hrishikesh Nair, A.S Raju (GM PROJECTS) and Mr. Mahesh Vijayan (AGM). Technopark Kollam is home to futuristic energy efficient IT building which was designed by Jayachandran & Associates Designers and Project Engineers Pvt Ltd (JADE).

Work on the building, which composes of a total built-up space of lakh sq.ft. was completed in 2014 following which it has been functioning around the clock as only of the few IT hubs set up in a rural area.
During the conceptual stage, Technopark, which is the greenest IT Park in India, had decided to construct the Kollam IT building as an energy efficient structure. KAP India Ltd., Kerala was the main contractor engaged for the construction of the IT building. Technopark decided to achieve the same systemically and decided to get the building certified under LEED rating system. Considering the building design Technopark decided to certify the building as GOLD rated building. Technopark had appointed En3 Sustainability Solutions Pvt. Ltd. who is specialized in this field for rendering necessary support for achieving this goal.

technopark kollam

It is a gold-rated green building under LEED certification of IGBC having attained 38 Points under LEED-CS rating system. This building is designed considering all aspects that minimize energy consumption and environmental pollution.
The Building which is named after lake ’Ashatamudi’ and is constructed using the latest technologies like Peri-System for formwork and Post-Tensioning Technology for slabs & beams, glazing using double glazed panels. The entire building is centrally air-conditioned powered using 3 chillers having a total capacity of 170 TR. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Treated Fresh Air (TFA) with Heat Recovery Wheels(HRWs) etc. has been introduced to make the system energy efficient. The vertical transportation is looked after by 3 elevators from Johnson and 2 staircases. The entire building is protected with fire protection system which includes sprinklers, smoke detectors, alarms, water curtains etc. to arrest fire. The building is integrated with Building Management System. Technopark has set up a dedicated 110kV sub-station to meet the power requirement of the campus and 2 DGs with a total capacity of 1,250 kVA to energize the entire building during the absence of EB supply.

The entire campus is lit with solar street lights and all of the waste generated on campus is treated through a centralized Treatment Plant that recycles and reuses. Special care has been taken while disposing the e-Waste generated. Rainwater harvesting system is in place making the building self-sustainable even in the absence of domestic water supply. The campus has its own Water Distribution System, Internal Roads, Communication Ducts, making Technopark Kollam a self-sufficient satellite IT Park.

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