Prathidhwani Submits Representation to the Chief Minister


A delegation from Prathidhwani, the socio-cultural organization of the employees at Technopark Trivandrum took part in a meeting with Sri Pinarayi Vijayan, honorable Chief Minister of Kerala and submitted the representation to him on Monday. The document includes suggestions from employees regarding further development of Technopark as well as the development of the IT sector in Kerala. The representation included 26 suggested changes to be brought about across various aspects in the IT sector and the CM has stated that he would look into the matter and take action as is necessary. Here is a list of suggestions put forward by the delegation to the CM.

  1. Increase the job opportunities in Technopark by inviting major Indian IT companies like Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra ,CTS, TCS to Technpark/Technocity so that our experienced IT professionals don’t have to relocate to IT hubs like Bengaluru, Pune etc. because of inadequate opportunities here.
  2. Invite Global players to Technopark like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Adobe, Accenture, Capgemini etc. so that Kerala becomes a major IT destination and hence attracts IT professionals from all over the world.
  3. Formulate a clear year-wise IT business target in terms of software/IT exports and domestic sales. The objective of the policy should be to make Kerala an IT Business hub and enhance the domestic IT enablement significantly.
  4. There need to have an umbrella business/enterprise organization to lead the IT business leap in Kerala. A new IT enterprise may be established in the public sector to lead this IT business opportunity with a view of making it o The biggest Software/IT Services exporter in Kerala o Biggest domestic IT provider o Biggest IT employment provider in the state o Center for coordinating and grooming local IT businesses A major ‘Kerala IT Company’ in the world scene is the best way to project Kerala as an apt destination for IT Company’s world-wide.
  5. Establish an IT research institution (to do practical research on the domestic IT enablement and lead innovation in the IT sector to address the needs of the state)
  6. To facilitate continuous learning, open evening learning centers of universities to offer long term and short term technologically advanced course in Technopark, Info Park and Cyber Park to reskill the experienced IT professionals.
  7. A Woman police officer at least Sub Inspector rank for Technopark – Kazhakoottam police station which will help women employees to communicate their problems much more effectively. Also allocate more facilities and new office for Police aid post at Technopark.
  8. Maternity leave has to be made 6 months for IT employees.
  9. IT Employee Welfare Board: Form an IT Employee Welfare Board for employees working in IT industry. More than 1 lakh people are working in IT sector in Kerala.
  10. Job Security and longevity of job is a matter of concern to most of the IT employees. Amend the labour rules for getting proper compensation for IT employees during job loss
  11. Schemes such as National Pension Scheme must be made mandatory for all permanent IT employees. It would be great if the government could introduce attractive and reliable pension scheme for private sector employees to benefit both. Government could use this scheme as a fund raiser and to attract employees to private sector.
  12. Amend Gratuity rules: As employees are not working with one company for long time, consider the industrial/experience while calculating the eligibility for Gratuity in IT sector rather than considering the present company experience for the same.
  13. Kindergartens for children of employees inside Technopark Phase I, Phase II & Phase III.
  14. Stops for more trains at Kazhakoottam – More stops at Kazhakoottam Railway station will help thousands of techies coming from other districts and nearby states. We request state government recommendation for getting more stops at Kazhakooottam.
  15. KSRTC chain services through Technopark during Morning and Evening. Also request to restart the “Tech Express” to get the access for all employees to Kazhakoottam Junction and Railway station.
  16. Public Library branch to be started in Technopark
  17. Light Metro: – Monorail work to be started soon and include Technopark campus as one of the stations. Currently the planned monorail path is not passing through Technopark Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.
  18. ₹1,500-crore Taurus Downtown Technopark project by Taurus was announced long back, but the project is delayed. Request Government to intervene and take the adequate steps to speed up.
  19. Infrastructure development nearby IT parks: Allocate special funds for infrastructure development near by Technopark like Working Women’s hostels, housing schemes, children parks, Parking spaces, Cultural centers etc.)
  20. Constitute Special awards for Best employer in IT sector, Best HR practices, Best recruiter, most innovative company etc by state government.
  21. Adequate steps to protect the small river “Thettiyar” inside Technopark Phase I and Phase III. The river is well protected in Technopark Phase II.
  22. Protection wall for Technopark Phase III buildings.
  23. Waste treatment plant for Phase II and Phase III. Also need to increase the capacity of sewage treatment plant inside Technopark Campus.
  24. Please consider widening of Kesavadasapuram –Sreekaryam – Kazhakoottam NH Road. Heavy traffic is experienced at peak hours and it’s the main road for reaching Technopark. Need an over bridge at Sreekaryam Junction as early as possible.
  25. Widening of the following roads leading to Technopark. Karyavattom – Technopark Back Gate – Thrippadapuram – Arasummoodu – Kulathoor – Bypass. Chavadimukku – Engg College – Phase II.
  26. Permanent Food inspection officers in all IT parks to ensure good quality of food is served in restaurants.

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