Indian Tech Start-ups boom to see 2.5 Lakh employed by 2020: Nasscom

The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2015 will provide an opportunity for leaders to collaborate and shape the global agenda by exploring new models, innovate the most sought-after solutions in and around digital agNilf-2015-homebannere. The forum would generate powerful ideas and collaborative spirit required to manage the future course of action and align stakeholders around that vision.
“By 2020, total number of technology start-ups and product companies will be around 11,500 employing about 2.5 lakh people from the current 65,000 people,” Nasscom Chairman R Chandrasekaran told the industry’s annual leadership summit.

The three day forum will bring together leaders from several organizations from across the world to look at what is in store for the future, what could 2020 look like, the different forces at play that are defining the choices they make in how they shape their organizations and how they plan to unlock the potential to create a digital future.

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