How can patient care be improved with Data Analytics?

Data analytics is substantially helping the healthcare sector in improving their performance by assisting physicians in making well-informed decisions, boosting patient involvement, and enhancing the quality of post-procedure care, making a tremendous impact in the field of patient care. Data analytics is also generating awareness on systemic misuses of resources, tracking individual practitioner performance, and even tracking the health of populations and identifying persons at risk for chronic diseases. 

Due to the benefits of Data Analytics, the government of Kerala has decided to start a center of excellence for data analytics and artificial intelligence. This initiative of the government was proposed for Kerala Data Analytics development in the sector for information technology and management, Kerala. The Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala has already started a Data Analytics Programme.

Listed below are a few ideas about how data analytics can benefit the patient care industry.

  • Data analytics can assist health care providers in developing plans that are nearly flawless in the long run since they would have considered all aspects given by the diagnostic models.
  • Because of the large amount of data kept in individual practices and major hospitals, it will be possible to predict which patients may fall into vulnerable categories in the future. 
  • With the capacity to process big data sets, it would be feasible to benefit substantially from the valuable experience that is available in the form of clinical trials, case studies, research articles, and so on.
  • Data analytics would help a lot by examining vast amounts of comparable data and providing fact-based suggestions.
  • Case Managers can make extensive use of data analytics to assist their patients in meeting health objectives by designing innovative strategies through analysis of the current trends in the healthcare sector.

With the use of Data Analysis, the health care sector can better manage resources, allowing it to act aggressively in high-risk groups earlier and avoiding long-term systemic costs. 

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