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Technopark stands tall among other IT parks; the lush green campus has been one of the reasons. Inside the Phase I campus, Technopark has preserved a miniature forest, artificial pools and birds’ resting and feeding place in addition to the lawns and gardens. Technopark in association with various non-profit organisations inside  the campus have been frequently organizing programs especially on World Earth day and World Environment day to plant trees inside the campus, distribute saplings and spread the message of planting trees and conserving our environment.


Technopark is now fully equipped with an integrated eco-friendly solid waste management plant designed and developed to find a total solution for in house treatment of the solid waste generated in Technopark Phase I campus. As part of this, Technopark has initiated ‘Going Green Campaign’ the objective of which is achievement of ‘Zero Garbage’ through eco-friendly disposal of solid waste. Technopark has been providing awareness programs to obey guidelines in handling rejections at source. The motto of the campaign is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect Nature.


To preserve the eco friendliness of campus Technopark insists all employees to follow a uniform code and conduct especially in handling rejections.

The basic guidelines for eco-friendly handling of solid waste at source are:-

Ø  Do not mix rejections

Ø  Avoid using black disposable plastic bags for storing and transfer of rejections. Use only reusable or recyclable transparent covers or containers.

Ø  Avoid using disposable plastic glasses/plates for serving food. (use reusable plates and  glasses or paper glasses)

Ø  Do not deposit expired food packed in plastic packets (Return to the manufacturers or suppliers)

Ø  Store and handover all incinerables (paper glasses, paper napkins etc.) in Red buckets

Ø  Store and handover Recyclables in Blue buckets

Ø  Store and handover Bio degradable (Food rejections, natural flowers, fruits etc. ) in Green buckets

Ø  Replace disposable paper cups with re-usable tumbler/mugs in pantries.

Ø   Flex banners are strictly prohibited within Technopark Campus.


The solid waste management plant has a daily capacity of processing 2 tonne bio-degradable waste and 1 tonne non-biodegradable waste and has been successfully operating for more than a year.


Technopark has also plans to replicate this model in Phase 3 and Kollam campuses.

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