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The biggest upcoming AI trends in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated every sphere of our civilization and way of life over the past ten years. It’s difficult to deny its impact on everything from chatbots and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to automated industrial gear and self-driving cars. Let’s discuss the key societal and corporate developments surrounding the application of artificial intelligence throughout the upcoming year.

AI’s Ongoing Liberalization

Only once AI is widely accessible and everyone can use it to their advantage will it realise its full potential. Thankfully, this will be simpler than ever in 2023. Regardless of one’s level of technical expertise, a rising number of apps put AI capability at the fingertips of everyone. This can be as basic as apps that let us build complex visualisations and reports with a click of the mouse, decreasing the amount of typing required to search or write emails.

Generative AI

The utilisation of existing data, such as video, photos, sounds, or even computer code, by generative AI algorithms, results in the creation of wholly new content that has never been in the non-digital world.

Augmented Working

More of us will be working with robots and intelligent machines in 2023 that were created particularly to assist us in performing our jobs more effectively. It could refer to headsets with augmented reality (AR) capabilities that project digital information over the real world. This could provide us with real-time information that can assist us to identify dangers and threats to our safety in a maintenance or manufacturing use case, such as pointing out when a wire is likely to be live or a component may be hot.

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