Technopark’s photo exhibition pays tribute to unsung heroes

This is a tribute to those unsung heroes who accompanied us on our 25 year-old journey and made it truly memorable. In their own little way, they contributed to making our journey successful. We are happy that we could in turn add more value to their lives and shape more smiles. Join us as we celebrate these ambassadors of happiness. The black and white photos mounted on the walls of the Exhibition Hall at Park Centre offer an elegant gallery experience with their professional quality. The exhibition that kick started on January 12 will bring to a close on February 5.
The real growth of Technopark is not in terms of the number of companies that have moved in, or the growth in terms of infrastructure or the employment that Technopark has generated, said Technopark CEO Shri KG Girish Babu. “In fact, the Park has been instrumental in opening up new world of opportunities for the common man, from the tea shop owner to the security guard, from the auto rickshaw driver to the two wheeler mechanic”, he added.

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