Most Common Mistakes to avoid while performing Data Analysis

As the amount of data and facts generated each minute is increasing exponentially, businesses need to extract useful insights from them. Data analytics Kerala is in very high demand right now. Many professionals are trying to pave their career towards data science. Many skilled data analysts in Kerala are perfect at their work, however, these are the few most common mistakes they should avoid in any case:

  • Overfitting
    It tends to happen a lot during the analysis process. The curve produced by the model might seem to be predictive, however, it is only because the data fits the model. The failure of the model might become apparent, but when the model is compared to future observations, they might not be so well-fitted.
  • Sampling Bias
    It occurs whenever a non-representative sample is used. This mistake should be avoided because it can weigh the analysis in one particular direction too far.
  • Focusing only on the numbers
    This can have arduous real-world consequences. There might be cases when the numbers might look clean and neat, however, the underlying biases could be economically and socially convulsive.
  • Disclosing metrics
    It can create problems like in the education field, teaching what is on the standardized tests. It is common because a metric is of no use once the subject knows its value.
  • Chart overload and chart junk
    This occurs usually while building a dashboard or even a simple analysis. You need to make sure that everything which is displayed on the screen has a clear purpose and there is no extra stuff to distract or lose focus.

Other common mistakes include cherry-picking, solution buyers, communicating poorly, etc. Data analytics is a very interesting field of study. When you do the process in the right way without making any mistakes, you and the company you are working for will experience huge benefits. You will get great advantages in terms of leads, sales, costs saved, and traffic.M

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