Child Care Hub at Technopark

For any young techie who has just started a family, the biggest need of the hour would be a safe and nurturing place where they could leave their little one while they are away at work. The ladies at centre13654169_1097162727027384_2044290178969940845_n the city chapter of eWIT (Empowering women in IT), a forum for women who work in IT and ITes industries, who are well aware of this everyday need as many of them are young working mothers, and so they decided to put their heads together and come up with a solution. This was the inception of Technopark’s day care centre and crèche, CC Hub.

CC-Hub (Child Care-Hub), a beautifully and colourfully done-up centre is the brainchild of some of Technopark’s top women executives like Sindhuja Varma of  Allianz, Hema Menon of UST Global, Radhika V from Allianz, and Rani Ramesh from Excentia. CC Hub was designed and conceptualized by Sumi Shaji of S Squared Architects who is also a mother of two.

“Statistics clearly point to the fact that a lot of women leave work or move on to less challenging and less rewarding jobs when they become mothers. While a crèche will not tackle this problem fully, knowing that your child is safe and within arms-reach will certainly help women stay in their jobs longer. This is of core interest for eWIT and for all employers who wish to not lose capable workforce at the prime of their career,” says Sindhuja, president of eWIT.

The crèche is for children between the ages of one and two-and-a-half and employs the services of Kudumbasree volunteers who are specially trained in child care, health and safety, hygiene, first aid and emergency response, customer facing skills and so on.

CC Hub is specially equipped with kid-sized toilets, meant for toilet-training the children, babysitting facilities that are available on an hourly basis, a fortnightly visit by a paediatrician and surveillance cameras, the live feeds of which parents can access on their mobile phones.  Another specially included feature of CC-Hub is a comfy and private nursing room for mothers to breastfeed their babies.

The crèche currently functions at the Thejaswini (Annexe) building and is open from 8 am to 8 pm.

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