Chhaya 2016

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*Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC)*, a non-profit socio-cultural organization in Technopark, organizes a photography contest *“Chhaya 2016”* exclusively for Technopark employees.

Winners will be announced in the following categories,

1. Audience Poll: Your submissions will be published in the VSC Chhaya 2016 Facebook group. Those who gets the maximum likes will be the winner in this category and shall get award of *cash prize Rs.2000/.& Memento.*

2. Judges’ Choice: Renowned photographers will evaluate your submissions and select the top 3 photos. Awards for this category are as follows:
*1st Prize : Rs. 4000/ & Memento.*
*2nd Prize:Rs. 2000/ & Memento.*
*3rd Prize:Rs.1000/ & Memento.*

*Judge by: Balan Madhavan.*


The photographer must be working in Technopark during the tenure of the contest.

Each participant can submit up to two (2) photos in each contest category.

Same photos can be submitted for both categories.

The submission *deadline date is *4 p.m* on *17-June-2016* for both categories.

Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will be disqualified.

The file name for each photo for the Audience Poll should be clearly labelled with the participant’s name, company, phone number and where the image was taken. For example: Amal_UST_9400585415_Trivandrum_01.

Join the VSC Chhaya 2016 Facebook group and upload your submissions for the Audience Poll contest. Approved photos will appear on the page.

Submissions for the Judges’ Choice contest should be given as print copy (specification 12*18 or 8*12) and submitted to any of the following volunteers:


Nila –Vishnu:95394 06461

IBS, IITM –Amal:94005 85415

IBS, IITM –Abdul Vasih:94953 40585

Quest –Varun:94958 86577

M2, Amstor, Gayathri –Hari: 90481 61733

Leela –Abhilash: 97460 87097

Bhavani –Anand: 94961 51601

Tejaswini –Vishnu:94953 19296

3rd Phase – Sreejith:98956 34204

Infosys – Vinod:96058 30973

Infosys SEZ – Daliya Marium Sunny:97394 88654

Kinfra – Murali: 97464 02083

The award ceremony will be held on 21st-June-2016 at 6 pm in Technopark.


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