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Why Is Data Analytics So Important?

Data analytics (DA) is the qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes to enhance productivity and business gain. Data is extracted to draw conclusions about the information they contain and analyze behavioral data and patterns. It is widely used in commercial industries to enable organizations to take informed based business decisions. It is used by the scientists and researchers to […]

Know How to Create Remarkable Experiences for Your Customers

Know How to Create Remarkable Experiences for Your Customers

Maintaining a good customer relationship is a core function for any business. A strong customer relationship management takes care of smooth service delivery and helps you in maintaining valuable relationships with your customers. That’s why developing your company’s customer relationship management strategy is a top priority. But managing a healthy customer relationship is a huge […]


Is Mobile Wallet the Future of Money?

In order to promote paperless economy, government of India has initiated Digital India which has led to the spread of digital payments on a large scale. In fact, post post-demonetisation, digital wallet became a necessity. Be it a mobile payment options, or something as basic as acceptability by merchants and consumers, mobile wallets in India […]

Virtual Reality

The key drivers of AR/VR adoption in India

You’re sitting on your sofa. You want to play a race game. You issue a command to the glasses you are wearing and a virtual road appears in front of your eyes. Welcome to the world of Augmented Reality (AR) where the virtual world meets the real world. Arguments reality and Virtual reality is trending […]


Progress Always Involves Risk, But Managing Risk Ensures You Lead

The outcomes of business activities always have some elements of risk. This includes strategic failure, operational failure, financial failure, market disruption environmental disaster or regulatory violation. Proper risk management provides a mechanism for identifying risks which represent potential pitfalls. There is a need to adopt holistic approach to risk management. Traditionally, risks have been managed […]

Co-Working space

India is adopting the culture of co-working space and startup venture.

Co-working spaces today are actively attracting startups, in fact, the real beauty of a co-working space is the community, it is a diverse environment that facilitates exchange of ideas and promotes collaboration.  Let’s delve deep into what exactly goes on within co-working spaces. People opt for co-working space due to high cost of real-estate costs […]

Will 2018 be kind to startups in India?

Startups face a number of challenges when embarking on their entrepreneurial journey – according to NASSCOM data, the standard mortality rate is around 25%. In 2015, about 140 startups shut shop in India; in 2016, about 212 startups closed doors—50% higher than the previous year; the rate for 2017 planed out to 25% as large-scale […]

Building a Knowledge City: Lessons from Melbourne

Building a Knowledge City: Lessons from Melbourne

Striving for the label ‘Smart City’ or ‘Knowledge City’ is no longer a simple administrative prerogative. It involves a lot more than public will for a city to build capacities and generate the momentum required to gain visibility as a ‘Knowledge City’ in the region. What can be even more demanding are the accompanying proactive […]

Blockchain’s Silent Blitz In Kerala

Kochi’s Maker Village has had a few reasons to be in an upbeat mood from early 2017 onwards. For the uninitiated, Maker Village is an electronics incubator that promotes the development of innovative consumer electronics by focusing on emerging technologies of a disruptive nature. When the buzz around Blockchain swept the globe, Maker Village realised […]

Co-working Spaces: Matchmaking for Startups

Co-working spaces have evolved from the shared workspace concept to a new holistic level. Today, a co-working space is a place where people come together and integrate work with their personal lives, eventually building a sense of belonging to a community. In common parlance, co-working refers to the sharing of a working environment. Entrepreneurs, self-employed, […]